Saints Row Devs Keeps Protagonist Pronouns Gender Neutral for Technical Reasons

Protagonist is to be called "They", "Them", or "You".

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Volition explains their reason for keeping the Saints Row protagonist’s pronouns gender neutral in an interview.

Saints Row Protagonist Pronouns Stay Gender Neutral

The new Saints Row reboot has a lot of cosmetics to choose from and sometimes it can be quite confusing to decide on which one to apply on the protagonist to make it unique. However, it does not mean how characters in the game would easily identify their characters specifically on their gender.

Volition discussed with media outlet Eurogamer in an interview of their decision to keep the protagonist’s pronouns gender neutral. They revealed the Boss will always be referred to as either “they”, “them”, or “you” throughout. This was done purely for technical reasons and does not suggest that the Boss is specifically non-binary. It is up to the players what gender the boss has, they have that freedom of choice.

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Adding More Options in the Future

Principal Designer Damien Allen said, “Trying to put all that together with eight different voices and to have multiple different options in there and also to then make it feel natural… That alone would be a challenge that, just right now, is not something that we’re looking at facing.”

Associate UX Designer Kenzie Lindgren added that there is a possibility that it would happen in the future. They are just not sure how to make it right now.

It is possible Volition will add new content in the future in the form of DLC or possibly a free major update if they are feeling generous. For now, this is all we are getting when Saints Row lands on consoles and PC on August 23, 2022.