Saints Row Second DLC Expansion and Major Update Revealed

Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus is here to deliver more mayhem!

Deep Silver and Volition announce that Saints Row second DLC expansion and a major update are now available.

Saints Row Second DLC Expansion Out Now

The second DLC expansion Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus is now available and has transformed the game’s Boot Hill District and added a much-requested Cheats app for added chaos. This is the second of the three DLC expansions coming to Saints Row this summer.

Details on Expansion

Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus introduces a new standalone solo mode with a horde-style gameplay loop in the competitive setup of Doc Ketchum’s underground game show sensation. It comes with 4 new playable characters, each with its own unique skillset. Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus is available now to buy and included in the Saints Row Expansion Pass.

Crazy Circus Location

Doc Ketchum’s hideout is located on New Birmingham Island and has created his very own creepy circus version of the Boot Hill District. It will be available to all players and comes within a big free update including a new Cheat App mode. It also comes with more quality of life improvements and fixes.

Saints Row Update Overview:

  • Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus DLC for Expansion Pass holders is out now and available to buy separately
  • The free Boot Hill update launched in June is available for all players and includes:
    • A visual revamp of the Boot Hill District with new things to discover
    • The New Cheats App Mode that comes with 20 clean and 18 dirty cheats
    • New Cosmetics & Items like the Pony Tail and Doc’s Medicine Cart Horse
    • Quality of Life improvements on Missions, Criminal Ventures, Side Hustles, Skills and more.

When’s The Last Expansion Launching?

The final and largest expansion, A Song of Dust and Ice, will be released in August 2023.

Saints Row is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Press Release