Saints Row Story Trailer Gives a Preview of The Boss’ Beginnings

Learn the beginnings of The Boss and his/her ambitions!

Deep Silver and Volition have recently released the Saints Row Story Trailer.

The new video shared by the developers follows the protagonist called The Boss. He/she is an aspiring entrepreneur who is ready to lead crew members Neenah, Eli, and Kevin and become the top group in Santo Ileso. They will use any means and/or weapons necessary to build a criminal empire worth of the Saints.

Unfortunately, there are already three factions that have claimed their own territories in Santo Ileso. These are The Idols, Los Panteros, and Marshall Defense Industries. The Saints will need diplomacy and maybe more in order to overpower these other factions so they could make their own territory. Good thing the Saints have their own specialties: felonies and other criminal skills.

Players can enjoy so much gameplay in Saints Row with no-holds-barred creativity for criminal activities and more. Fly out from a chopper with a wingsuit, use an outhouse and turn it into a wrecking ball, and more. Complete various criminal ventures to earn cash and increase influence and it is up to you which route you should follow.

Saints Row allows limitless creativity and experimentation with The Boss’ wardrobe, appearance, and attributes, which makes each Boss unique.

saints row story trailer

Saints Row launches on August 23, 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Source: Press Release