Saints Row Ultimate Customization Showcase Video Released

Customize your own boss, clothes, vehicles, weapons and home base. Sky's the limit!

Volition has recently released the new Saints Row Ultimate Customization Showcase video detailing all of the customization options players can do in the game.

Saints Row Ultimate Customization Showcase: Boss Customization from Head to Toe

saints row ultimate customization showcase

The showcase revealed that players can create their own boss character and it is quite extensive. They can choose various and outrageous hairstyles, makeup, tattoos, skin color, teeth, ears, scars, suntans, eye patterns, and many more. Over a dozen options to choose from and all are fully adjustable that they can create over-the-top characters if they want to and still it would make sense in the game. Want to look like a mutated elf with butterfly wings? Volition says it is possible.

Customization is so deep that muscle patterns, age, genitals, and more can edited and changed to hell. There are eight different presets to choose from if players are having a hard time choosing from the default model.

Saints Row Boss Clothing Fully Customizable

The boss character’s clothes are fully customizable as well from hats, dresses, outfits, uniforms, jackets, vests, shoes, underwear, and even socks. Each piece of clothing can be customized with various colors and patterns to make your boss ultimately unique.

Saints Row Vehicle Collection and Customization

According to the showcase, there are a lot of vehicles to collect in the new Saints Row. Volition reveals there are over 80 rides to discover and get including cars, SUVs, bikes, monster trucks, boats, helicopters, and many more.

After acquiring a vehicle, put it in the garage to customize the heck out of it. Players can change its colors, rims, put neon underglow, body kits, spoilers, and more. There are presets to choose from as well, but customization is almost unlimited. They can even boost the stats of the car with nitro, change the engine, put ejector seats, and other crazy features.

Saints Row Weapon Customization

Weapons are always needed in any Saints Row game and this one is no way different. Players can customize them as well by changing the material, coloring, add decals, and more just to make it unique for the boss character. They can even change colors for each individual parts if they want to. If players want to change the entire body for a different form, they can do it just like the rocket launcher or machine gun encased in a guitar case. It is all up to them.

Saints Row Home Base Customization

The Home Base can be customized as well with various items that can be found in missions, bought in shops, rewards, loot, and more. They can change the abandoned church into a nightclub if they want or make it even more sparkly with giant statues, bar tables, futuristic garage, and more.

The whole showcase was all about how customization is not that limited. There are a million choices to choose from, which will make every Saints Row playthrough a unique experience for everyone.

Saints Row launches on August 23, 2022. It will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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