Saints Row Reboot Welcome to Santo Ileso Trailer Showcases Actual Gameplay

The Notorious Edition gets detailed too.

Game developer Volition has released the new trailer for Saints Row Reboot titled Welcome to Santo Ileso showcasing actual gameplay.

This new more than seven-minute trailer of Saints Row Reboot titled Welcome to Santo Ileso shows interviews with the members of the development team from Volition. They also talk about the main character of the game, the one they call The Boss with her voice actor Bryce Charles.

According to Charles, Santo Ileso is the biggest and best Saints Row playground yet. The developers revealed that they chose the Southwest because it is a whole new location for them with these desert vistas like the Mesas, the Buttes, and more. Also, the motto of the town is “Keep it strange,” which perfectly fits together with the game because it lets players embrace the weirdness and embrace their identity.

The developers then introduced the new Saints involved in this reboot. Players will take on the role of The Boss, a charismatic character and also a “murder machine”. Eli wants to be build something special and prefers hostile takeovers to open hostilities. Nina is family-oriented and an obsessive gear-head who is the best getaway driver in the business. Kevin is someone who arrived in Santo Ileso looking for a place to belong and also wants to be a TV chef.

The three main rival factions have been introduced as well like the Marshall, Panteros, and the Idols.

Last part of the video was the customization options that players can do for the Boss character. They can also customize their own home bases and which criminal enterprises to run.

Aside from the video, Volition revealed that gamers can now pre-order the game with standard and this new Notorious Edition. It will include interesting exclusive content that will be available at launch.

The Notorious Edition will include the full game, the Idols Anarchy Pack, which has the digitized Idols DJ helmet, Twinkle bat and the neon illuminated Scrambler bike, Saints Criminal Customs pack, which is the digital pack for pre-orders of physical product and has The Saints Custom Convertible car and The Saints Custom Stab Jacket, The Los Panetors American Muscle Bundle featuring the Los Panteros El Lanzador Heavy Weapon skin and Custom Fury Motorcycle, The Expansion pass to extend gameplay over three additional episodes, and Saints Row: The Third Remastered.

All purchases of the new game via the Epic Games Store will come bundled with the Saints Row: The Third Remastered until September 2, 2021.

Saints Row reboot launches sometime in February 25, 2022 for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Source: Press Release