School Girl/Zombie Hunter Review – Fanservice and Zombies Doesn’t Work Here

What can any normal person expect from a game about zombies and school girls with a lot of guns? Fanservice is all I can say, and it’s not even the good kind of fanservice.

Platform Reviewed: PS4 (PS4 Pro)
Platforms Available: PS4
Developer: Tamsoft
Publisher: 2JP: Aksys Games
Release Date: November 17, 2017
Price: $39.99

At first I thought it was gonna be something along the lines of Left for Dead but boy was I wrong. The game starts out just like any usual zombie outbreak, one person is panicking, uses a gun to kill zombies, finds allies, and tries to find a way out of the hell that is happening around them. However, this game’s story is just not worth getting invested in and there isn’t even any sense of urgency among the girls that you wish the zombies would just pop out to give the girls a scare or even just bite them. It also doesn’t help that the girls talk about stuff that is useless given the situation and feels like it is forcing giving their characters some depth.

The game is a 3rd-person shooter and the girls can use a lot of guns against the zombies, I am actually surprised by how many guns there are and how many you can actually equip at a time. You do have a melee weapon but you can only use one and each girl has their own different one but fundamentally functions in the same way. The game is not open world so you have to select which missions you do. There’s really nothing much to do but kill zombies and maybe reach the objective points in the map.

The zombies are so slow and stupid that you can practically just shoot and walk up to them at point blank range if you want. There are zombies that have weapons and can even shoot you if you don’t pay attention, some can even run at you. But the defining mechanic in this game is probably that you can strip your characters and use those clothes as bait for the zombies because for some reason they go into a frenzy over girl’s clothes. It was funny the first few times but it got old quick. It can also be pointless to kill the zombies as you can just sprint your way to the goal if you want, depending on the objective.

The animation looks a bit weird and there isn’t any sort of physics to the oppai in case any of you were wondering. The game is also a mess that the default button mapping is so weird, you press X to snipe and L1 happens to be jump, so make sure to remap it or else you’ll have a hard time using the sniper rifle. Even moving the girls or the aiming feels very off and sniping can sometimes be “generous” as in you somehow got the headshot even if you were sure that you missed. There’s also a problem with collision as even the tiniest of objects that are in your way will make your character stop which can get really annoying, not to mention that it applies to your teammates and the zombies.

The guns you acquire at first are actually school issued weapons (yes it’s weird) but you can easily find more by just killing zombies. You can also find some outfits for the girls lying around if you explore the areas enough and you can even find some underwear in addtion to that. A nice little bit of detail that the game has is that the limbs of the zombies can be torn off with your bullets and that the environment has some destructible surroundings. There is also the fact that when the girl’s keep getting attacked their clothes will become tattered in case you haven’t thrown off your clothes to the zombies yet.

School Girl/Zombie Hunter is really nothing more than a game about killing slow mindless zombies with girls in their pantsus. It was fun at first but it’s pretty much just rinse and repeat the whole way. This wasn’t really as fun as I thought it could’ve been but it might be the game for you if you happen to like this kind of thing.

School Girl/Zombie Hunter - Review
Score Definition
It’s playable, but the game does have a lot of setbacks. The dialogue and sound are just horrible, or it might be plagued with bad mechanics.
A lot of Customizations
Killing Zombies In Your Underwear
Uninteresting Plot
Most of the Zombies are Boring
Horrible Collision Detection
Bad Aiming System