Scorn Teased to Get New Platform Soon (Update)

Clues are quite obvious.

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Update: Officially confirmed. PS5 version will be released later this year.

Original article below:

The popular Xbox-exclusive survival horror game Scorn might just be getting a new platform soon.

Scorn was launched in October 2022 and had a really interesting visual style that was inspired by the work of artist H.R. Giger. It had a very dark aesthetic that only a few fans would appreciate as it was quite gory. Unfortunately, this got the game mixed reviews when it came out since only a few players would appreciate it. It got even review-bombed because it did not match what the players were expecting of it. Now, the developer seems to be hinting that it will be reaching a new batch of players on another platform.

Scorn Clues Counting Down Big Announcement

The official Twitter account of Scorn has recently shared a series of cryptic posts that are heavily hinting that the game will be coming to PS5 soon. Currently, there are three tweets from the account, each having riddles that only the wise were quick to solve.

The first riddle had the line “three edges meet, they intertwine” hinting at the triangle shape. The second riddle is a video with a Morse code playing on the top. After translating, it meant the circle. The third clue is also interesting. “I am a variable, mysterious, and unknown, I leave my mark, a treasure shown.” Most variables and unknowns use the letter X as a symbol a mark for treasure on a treasure map. The last clue, which has not been posted yet, could only be the symbol square.

Shortly after revealing the square riddle, Ebb Software will probably announce the PS5 version. The clues are pretty obvious; it only needs to be officially confirmed.

Scorn is now available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.