Sea of Stars DLC Being Planned After Successful Launch

The journey continues with the upcoming DLC!

Developer Sabotage has announced that it is planning for Sea of Stars DLC.

Sea of Stars Game Director Thierry Boulanger recently spoke to Radio Canada to talk about their successfully launched video game Sea of Stars. He revealed that the DLC is very much in the works for the new RPG.

The developer Sabotage is currently having one team work on a new mystery project, while a smaller team is now planning and investigating the possible DLC for Sea of Stars.

This has happened to its previous title too, The Messenger, way back in 2018. After a year, the developers released the Picnic Panic DLC, which was handled by a small team while the majority of the staff moved over to the new game they were working on at that time, which was Sea of Stars.

Sabotage did pledge a while back on its Kickstarter campaign a DLC for its stretch goal so this is not that much of a surprise.

Sea of Stars is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.