Sea Of Thieves Developer Rare Addresses Launch Issues

Sea of Thieves Rare devs

Game studio Rare assured the players of Sea of Thieves that the development team is currently working hard on addressing the launch issues. The game also surpassed over a million unique users in 48 hours.

Sea of Thieves gets a lot of players

Studio head Craig Duncan and executive producer Joe Neate explained that the game has over a million users in just 48 hours. This gave them unexpected issues during the launch of the game. There were times that over 5,000 players were trying to log in per minute.

Players had difficulty logging into the servers because of a large number of other users trying to get in, and this usually happens during peak times. One of the temporary workarounds for this issue was to enter the game by joining a galleon crew instead. The development team already implemented some server fixes, but more will come later.

Sea of Thieves ship passes by

Delays in getting rewards and achievement unlocking

Players complained about the delays in getting their rewards and unlocking achievements in Sea of Thieves. Rare assured the players that they should not worry about this issue and advised them to just keep playing the game. They warned the players not to fix the issue by logging out and back in because it will only make it worse.

The delayed achievement issue was actually intentional in order to solve the stress on the servers. It helped in fixing the delays in rewards.

Sea of Thieves trailer reveals tentacle monster

Bugs surface

Another issue surfaced during the video game’s launch. Players could not access their items immediately when they logged into the servers. Rare explained that this was a bug and assured players that a client-side patch will be launched soon. On the Xbox One X side, there seem to be some performance issues surfacing, but the upcoming patch will fix it.

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