Sea Of Thieves Launch Trailer Revealed With Tease

Sea of Thieves trailer reveals tentacle monster

Game developer Rare has released a new trailer for Sea of Thieves. It reveals a subtle tease of a monster that might decide to join in on the fun.

Sea of Thieves launch video revealed

The new Sea of Thieves launch video showcases the game’s amazing visuals and other features that players can toy with. They can try out the customization options for the characters and the ships that they sail in the sea. Check out the video below:


The end of the video reveals large monster tentacles which wrap around the ship. The gameplay could include the Kraken, a mythological sea monster, with how it indicates a teaser at the end. How the monster will factor into the gameplay is still unknown.

Sea of Thieves player waves at a ship.

Other stuff to be excited about

The video game also offers other awesome features that will make every players’ experience a memorable one; A good example being the ability to fire their characters out of cannons which allows them to reach far away islands in a faster way and it can also be used to hop aboard enemy ships.

Sea of Thieves will be available on March 20. Players can get it on both the Xbox One and PC.

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