Season A Letter to the Future Trophy Guide

Here are a few tips to help you get all the trophies for Season: A Letter to the Future

Season A Letter to the Future tells the story of a young woman as she tries to document what she can before the end comes for the season. In our review of the game, we emphasized the fact the game may be very short, but it is, nonetheless, one of the more thought-provoking zen experiences we’ve had in a long while.

In this trophy guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to get all the trophies in Season A Letter to the Future. As you’ve already noticed, there is no platinum trophy associated with the game. Unfortunate as it is, we hope you’ll still give the game a shot.

There are 16 trophies to earn in Season A Letter to the Future:

  • 1 Gold Trophy
  • 4 Silver Trophies
  • 11 Bronze Trophies

Season A Letter to the Future Trophy List


  • The End: Witness the end of a season


  • Deep Listener: Find a hidden botanical voice
  • Grey Hands Praxis 101: Begin your political education
  • Love Uncoverer: Uncover some kind of secret romance
  • Graffiti Artist: Leave a mark on Tieng Valley


  • Journal Beautifier: Completely customize a page in your journal
  • Dream Listener: Listen to your friend’s weird but meaningful dream
  • Music for Cows: Play hear of cows their favorite genre of music
  • Tour de Tieng: Follow a little kid on a bike tour of the valley
  • Home Leaver: A journey of a thousand seasons begins with a single step
  • Outside World Seer: See the outside world before it’s gone
  • Stranger Encounter: Encounter a stranger and have a pleasant interaction
  • Emotional Baggage Handler: Help Sophon pack the last of her things
  • Artist Assistant: Capture Tieng Valley in a moment
  • Shrine Arriver: Arrive at the Shrine
  • Goodbye Tieng Valley: Exit the Valley before the flood enters it

Hidden Trophies

  • The End
  • Home Leaver
  • Outside World Seer
  • Stranger Encounter
  • Emotional Baggage Handler
  • Artist Assistant
  • Shrine Arriver
  • Goodbye Tieng Valley

The first thing you need to know about Season A Letter to the Future is that the game only has a few major locations to explore. In fact, the vast majority of the game takes place in Tieng Valley while other locations serve as exposition spots that move the story forward.

To get the game’s singular Gold trophy, The End, you simply need to finish the game.

You will earn the Goodbye Tieng Valley, Artist Assistant, Emotional Baggage Handler, and Tour de Tieng by helping the residents of the valley find closure and allowing them to go forward with their lives.

You can earn the Love Uncoverer Silver trophy by showing a picture of the pendant you found in the birdhouse on the side of the large tree house to the artist.

The Music for Cows Bronze trophy in the abandoned dairy farm is an easy fetch but an easily overlooked one. The moment you turn on the radio, you will hear two Grey Hands talking to each other on a radio show. You need to change the frequency until you find the one that the cows like listening to.

Much in the same way, to unlock the Dream Listener bronze trophy, you’ll need to listen to your friend’s story as part of the flashback where both of you were contemplating life on a rooftop. This may or may not be an optional skip.

This last part concerns the remaining Silver trophies as the rest of the bronze ones are naturally obtained just by playing the game.

To get the Grey Hands Praxis 101 you need to pick up the Grey Hands leaflet at the gathering point. The Grafitti Artist trophy might be a tricky one. You’ll need to find a pack of animal statues in the upper middle part of the valley. Beside them is a grey aqueduct or bridge leg, and you’ll have to interact with the paint bucket and paint something on the wall. Doing so will unlock the trophy.

And finally, for the Deep Listener trophy, all you need to do is to record the glowing purple flowers. You’ll find them in places where people have been laid to rest. Additionally, the screen outlines will glow purple when close to one of these plants.

And that’s about it for this Season A Letter to the Future trophy guide. We hope you enjoy the short story as much as we do. Till next time, trophy hunters.

And check out the story trailer for the game, courtesy of PlayStation.

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