Secretlab Reveals New Mysterious Gaming Chair

Might be Valorant?

Secretlab, the popular gaming chair manufacturer, has now revealed a new mysterious gaming chair.

The official Twitter account of Secretlab has recently shared a new image that revealed a mysterious gaming chair. The post has a caption that says “You want to play? Let’s play.” While the image features a Secretlab gaming chair in a shadowy form without any markings or logos. It does have a date, which is “10.27.2022”, which is October 27, 2022.

The gaming chair has no markings, but the background colors, the markings, and even the shadowing of the chair are quite clear. These are hints of what the next gaming chair will be based on and it will be a popular FPS online multiplayer game called Valorant. It could be based on the game itself or a character from the game.

We will all find out tomorrow for the official reveal, but currently, this really hints of a Secretlab Valorant gaming chair.