Sega Steam Sale Begins

Looks like SEGA and Steam have teamed up for a mega sale and special offers which just started on March 26, 2015 Eastern Standard Time (EST)! The Sega mega sale on Steam will end on March 30, 2015 EST. Each day runs from 12pm EST for 24 hours. Throughout the duration of the promotion, a massively discounted SEGA Bundle will be available and will include 93 SEGA titles worth $990.01 with a 92% discount thus costing a paltry $79.99/£59.99/€69.99!

Today sees the return of the pucking awesome, Eastside Hockey Manager as it launches on Steam Early Access. After a 6-year-hiatus during which the game had been maintained by a small and passionate team of developers at Sports Interactive, it’s back for Ice Hockey fans everywhere to get involved with during its ongoing development. Additionally, Football Manager 2015 will be available at 33% off for the duration of the weekend!

The entire Total War, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War back catalogues will be available to purchase at a 75% discount while all associated DLC is available at half price. Typing of the Dead fans will be pleased to see the launch of the Typing of the Dead Creator on Friday, 27th March. This tool will allow players to produce their own custom dictionaries to use in game and new players will be able to purchase ToTD with a 75% discount.

Alien: Isolation will also be available at a 75% discount throughout the promotion, the perfect opportunity for new players to experience the terror of Creative Assembly’s haunted house in space first hand.

All this in addition to dozens of other discounted SEGA games until Monday 30th March at 9am PST/5pm GMT/6pm.

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