Shattered Psycho Online Codes for September 2023

Shattered Psycho Online, based on the anime Mob Psycho 100, is an anime experience on Roblox where you embark on a quest to become an exorcist, even if it’s just a hobby. You’ll get to develop your skills and powers in this exciting game, but you’ll also level up faster through the Shattered Psycho Online codes. In this article, we will give you a list of working and up-to-date codes for Shattered Psycho Online.

All Shattered Psycho Online Codes

Active/Working Shattered Psycho Online Codes

  • TheGrindIsReal—Redeem code for 8 Uncommon Spins, 15k Yen, and 8 Race Spins (New)
  • GrandReOpening!—Redeem free 10 Race Spins and 6 Uncommon Spins (New)
We checked for updated codes on September 13, 2023

Expired Shattered Psycho Online Codes

  • IHateMidterms!—Redeem for 5 Race Spins and 3 Uncommon Spins
  • 500kVisits!—Redeem for 5 Common Spins and 3 Uncommon Spins
  • 4kLikes!—Redeem for 7 Race Spins and 2 Uncommon Spins
  • 100Likes! – 5 Race Spins
  • 100k Visits!!! – 5 Uncommon Spins and 15 Race Spins
  • 1k Members – 10 Common Spins, 5 Uncommon Spins, 4 Race Spins
  • 1k Players!
  • 500kVisits! – 5 Common spins, 3 Uncommon Spins
  • 4kLikes! – 7 Race Spins, 2 Uncommon Spins
  • ABigCodeForNoReason! – Free Spins
  • Update2! – 4 Race Spins, 7 Common Spins, 4 Uncommon Spins
  • SpReset! – Resets stat points
  • Monkey! – 3 Race Spins, 5 Common Spins, 2 Uncommon Spins
  • Sorry for Bugs – 5 Race Spins
  • 75k Visits – Free Spins
  • 40k Visits – Free Spins
  • 25k Visits! – Free Spins
  • SpReset2 – Stat Point Reset
  • YayRaceSpins – Free Spins
  • 400 Likes! – Free Spins
  • HappyNewYears! – Free Rewards
  • FinallyASpResetCode – Stat Point Reset
  • 5k Visits! – Free Spins
  • 200 Likes! – Free Spins
  • DeviousFixes! – 3 Uncommon Spins & 5 Race Spins
  • 1k Members O: – 1 Race Spin & 2 Uncommon Spins
  • BugFix1! – 2 Race Spins
  • RockyRelease! – 2 Uncommon Spins
  • Release! – 2 Race Spins & 1 Uncommon Spin
  • 1k Players! – 10 common spins, 5 uncommon spins, and 4 race spins

How to Redeem Shattered Psycho Online Codes?

Follow these steps to redeem your Shattered Psycho Online Codes:

  1. Launch Shattered Psycho Online on Roblox
  2. Once in-game, on the lower right corner, there will be a prompt box
  3. Proceed to enter codes
  4. Press Enter

You will then receive a notification on whether the code you entered was either successful or invalid or you have already claimed it.

What is Shattered Psycho Online Codes?

Shattered Psycho Online codes, provided for the game developer Shattered Games, gives players with free spins, in-game rewards and stat resets in order for you to become a much stronger fighter while completing quests.

Shattered Psycho Online Codes Not Working (Fix

Few of the probable reasons why the Shattered Psycho Online codes do not work, is either you may have redeemed them already or they have expired.

Always remember to check the spelling and spacing of the codes in order for them to work correctly. And check back here for more updates on Shattered Psycho Online codes.

How to Get More Shattered Psycho Online Codes?

You can check out the game developers Roblox Group page and their Discord server for more updates on codes and game announcements. And also bookmark this page as we continue to update more Shattered Psycho Online codes in the future.

Make sure to also check out our other Roblox articles for more codes.