Sherlock Holmes Chapter One All Bazookaeology Book Locations Guide

Sherlock Holmes Book Two Bazookaelogy

During the Gilded Cage quest in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, John will suggest to you to find all the books of the Bazookaeology Trilogy. Sherlock shows contempt for the vulgar literature but agrees to do so anyway.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One All Bazookaeology Locations

You should pay careful attention to each location you go to for the Gilded Cage case. The Bazookaeology books are easy to miss. They can also be well hidden if you’re not looking carefully. Here are all the Bazookaeology books locations.

Book One: False Idols

The first book you’ll find is in Imogen Gilden’s room. it’s easy to spot as it’s just out on display near her luggage. As soon as you spot it Sherlock will make a comment prompting the quest to start.

Bazookaeology Book One

The other two books are in the subsequent locations where you’ll interrogate two of the main suspects to Theodore Gilden’s murder. You can acquire these books at any order.

Book Two: Sails of Hatred

Sherlock Holmes Book Two Bazookaelogy

Located in Paul’s workshop, the Bazookaeology: Sails of Hatred is hiding behind the storage room towards the far end of it.

Book Two Bazookaeology

You’ll need to go near the end of the room for Sherlock to spot it. You can analyze your surroundings to have an easier time. You can present this as an evidence to Paul for a flustered reaction.

Book Three: Sharpest Pickaxe

Bazookaeology Final Book

The third and final book of this trilogy is on the archeology digging site. Arthur Swift claims not to own it but it’s a bit hard to believe with the way he says it.

You’ll find this book on top of the baskets under the stairs where the statues are. Just keep going off the main pathway towards the beach and look to your left.

Third Book of Bazookaeology

After you’ve acquired all of the Bazookaeology books, John will be happy with the collection. You can even show the third book as evidence to Arthur for his reaction.

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