Sherlock Holmes Chapter One All Silver Hand Treasure Riddle Locations

Here's a guide on how to start the Hand-Me-Down Case and solve all Silver Hand Riddles.

Sherlock Holmes Silver Hand Statue

The Hand-Me-Down is a side case in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One that gives you a few riddles to solve in order to get some treasure at the end of the trail. To solve the Hand-Me-Down Cordona Story, you have to solve all three Silver Hand Riddles.

The Silver Hand Riddles will give you a few hints as to where to go that will reveal the next riddle. If you’re having trouble deciphering any of its cryptic riddles like I did, then this guide will lead you to all the Silver Hand Treasure Riddle Locations in their description.

How to Start the Hand-Me-Down Case

The Hand-Me-Down case can be triggered as you walk between the Scarlet St and Arnaut St where you’ll find a white monument of a giant hand. Sherlock and John will have a conversation about looking for a treasure as the latter finds a riddle on top of the Silver Hand statue. It’s very hard to miss.

Silver Hand Riddles

Silver Hand Treasure Riddle Locations

There are three Silver Hand riddles in total that you have to solve in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. Each of them are scattered across two main locations in Cordona.

First Riddle Location

Sherlock Holmes Silver Hand Statue
Big white hand statue sticking out from the ground.

“A hand with treasure, a quest so sweet!
Stand where Eurus Rd and Crooked St meet.
A few steps toward the mosque, left at the first stairs,
And find the courtyard a wishing well shares.”

The first riddle is fairly easy to solve. It is located in the Southern Old City at the bottom of the Imam Zahir Mosque fast travel location. Check your map to see Crooked St. You should be facing north by placing yourself in the middle of Eurus Rd and Crooked St.

Take a few steps into Crooked St and look left at the first flight of stairs. Go inside it and you’ll find a well which you can use your Concentration on to find the second Silver Hand riddle.

Second Riddle Location

Old Ruins Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

“You’re almost there, let’s not postpone,
You’re seeking an arc that’s made of stone.
Head east from the Old Ruins, my friend,
It guards the ancients until the end.”

The second part of the Hand-Me-Down case riddle was more challenging for me to solve. I spent a considerable amount of time in the Old City looking for the ruins that fit the description. It turns out that the second Silver Hand riddle is referring to a location in the Southwest corner of the Grand Saray. Open your map, it will be nearly at the bottom of the map in conjecture to the Stonewood Manor. You should unlock Old Ruins as a fast travel location.

Arc of Stone
The Arc made of Stone

The riddle is actually referring to a stone arc formation in the midst of the beach. Head downwards south and take a turn left when you hit the coast. You’ll see the “arc made of stone” that the second riddle if referring to.

Second Silver Hand Location

Just beyond the stone arc formation use your concentration. A rock will glow blue signifying that it can be moved. This will be the third and final Silver Hand riddle.

Third Riddle Location

Third Silver Hand Riddle

‘With old ruins beneath its feet,
Find a tree that treasures keep.
You may find only one small detail,
But that doesn’t mean that you have failed.’

The third riddle for the Hand-Me-Down case is quite cryptic as it doesn’t give out much information. However it isn’t actually far off from where you are after picking up the second riddle. Go back near the Old Ruins fast travel location you should see a tree to the left before you reach big white manor at the top.

Final Silver Hand Riddle
Location of the Treasure

Go to the left towards this tree. Use your concentration for the last time during this quest and you’ll discover the buried treasure of the Silver Hand underneath. After a brief conversation with John, the Hand-Me-Down case is solved.

Quest Reward for the Hand-Me-Down Case

It turns out that the treasure you’ve been seeking may have been hidden away by little Sherlock himself. The boon you’ve been chasing after is a magnifying glass belonging to his mother. This magnifying glass is part of the lost property of the Holmes’ family and will be displayed on the Stonewood Manor in Violet Holmes’ room.

Violet Holmes' Magnifying Glass

You also get 25 in-game currency to spend. Not much for all the effort of running around, but it’s still something.

  • Holmes’ Family Property: Violet Holmes’ Magnifying Glass
  • 25 Money

And that’s how you find all the locations that the Silver Hand Riddles were referring to. Thank you for visiting our guide! If you want more Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One guides, we also have others you can take a look at.

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