Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Prologue Trailer Shows a Rather Talkative Young Detective

Bit of a chatty chap isn't he?

Frogwares has recently introduced the new Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Prologue Trailer and it focuses on Sherlock’s quite talkative and eccentric nature.

In this new trailer, it starts with Sherlock and his best friend talking about growing up in Cordona, the island where players can explore thoroughly.  It then showed a memory of Sherlock’s past where he recalls what happened in that particular scene. It even showed the clues and body behaviors of the individuals involved, which can be used in investigations.

Sherlock then arrived at the Holmes mansion talking about his brother Mycroft. They have a bit of disagreement.

It then skips to another scene where Sherlock enters a crime scene and declares it is a murder. It skips to several other scenes with various dialogues involving the young detective and various individuals that are either involved in a crime scene, witnesses, suspects, and more.

This is where Sherlock gets quite talkative and shares his deductions with the ones he is chatting with. They are either annoyed or overwhelmed with the information they just received on their end and Sherlock, as usual, is dumbfounded of their lack of understanding.

Frogwares revealed at the end that there will be more details coming soon.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One launches on November 16, 2021 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S with the PS4 and Xbox One versions coming at a later date. For those who will pre-order ahead, they will get Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments for free. They also get the Victorian Starter Pack that includes the Consulting and Victorian Vampire Outfits, Lead Zeppelin Quest, and 500 Manghirs, the in-game currency.

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