Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here's what you need to know about the trophy run for Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened is a remake of the 2007 game of the same name. Created by the same team at Frogwares, the game follows the story of Holmes and Watson investigating a series of strange disappearances related to a creature of Cthulhu lore.

This trophy guide will point you in the right direction to get the Platinum trophy for Sherlock Holmes The Awakened. It is worth noting that as of the writing of the article, only the trophy list has been made known to us, and the game is set to release on April 11, 2023. Though we know enough of the series to get an idea of the trophy run is going to go. We will update this article when we get new information.

There are a total of 28 trophies to collect in the game:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 5 Gold trophies
  • 12 Silver trophies
  • 10 Bronze trophies

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Trophy List

Platinum Trophy

  • Reawakened: Collect all trophies

Gold Trophies

  • Curiosity Killed the Cat: Rouse evil from its slumber
  • Lock, Stock, and Barrel: Pick every lock
  • Going Once…: Find out more about the auction
  • Back in the Saddle: Help quench the horse’s thirst
  • Fhtagn!: Stop the ritual

Silver Trophies

  • To Hell in a Handcart: Complete Chapter One
  • Whispers in the Dark: Complete Chapter Two
  • A Method to His Madness: Complete Chapter Three
  • The New World: Complete Chapter Four
  • Knives Out: Complete Chapter Five
  • No Man is an Island: Complete Chapter Six
  • At Wits’ End: Complete Chapter Seven
  • Brain Food: Feed yourself to a gator
  • Big Breakthrough: Find out how the intruder got into the warehouse
  • History Check: Learn more about Gygax
  • Sticky Fingers: Find the raccoon nest
  • Up In Flames: Learn about the lighthouse keeper

Bronze Trophies

  • Read Between the Lines: Help Barnes with his love life
  • High Profile: Learn about the missing Nepali brother
  • Fond Memories: Find the book about tulpas
  • Gaze into the Abyss: Make it look back at you
  • Let Me Be Frank: Pretend to be Barnaby
  • Open Sesame: Unlock the safe
  • Bookworm: Identify all the unknown substances
  • Land, Ho!: Reach the Island
  • Read It and Weep: Leave Barnes the book
  • No Stone Unturned: Find all evidence at the cliffside crime scene

The trophy run for Sherlock Holmes The Awakened is a straightforward one. Most of it involves knowing what clues to get and doing the right actions. Other than that, you may be required to make some questionable decisions. For Science.

If this remake is really close to the original, it’s going to take you, more or less, 12 hours to get that Platinum trophy. On average, it’s only going to take you a little more than an hour to complete all chapters. We’re looking at around 9 hours to complete all 7 chapters if you’re looking to speed run the whole thing. That’s putting into consideration if the game runs at the same pace as the original.

The adventure is going to take Holmes and Watson From London to Switzerland, to New Orleans, and back to the United Kingdom. For the most part, you will be asked to investigate crime scenes, analyze clues, and direct Holmes to do certain actions by typing commands on screen.

We aren’t certain that the remake is going to follow the events of the original to the letter, but after comparing the original with the trophy list, the broad strokes are mostly the same. Though we expect changes here and there, especially when it comes to the way lock picking is going to be implemented. And it’s a good thing too. We don’t think the original’s numbers-based lockpicking will go over well with current-day gamers.

From everything we’ve seen so far, the game will lean more heavily on the supernatural aspect. It’s no surprise. Modern game engines allow for the kind of visuals not possible back when the original was first released. Which should be to the approval of the fans who crowd-funded this endeavor.

And that’s all we’ve got for this Sherlock Holmes The Awakened trophy guide. At least for the moment. This guide may look a little different when the game fully releases. Till then, you know what you’re getting yourself into. Stay awesome, trophy hunters.

Check out this Start of the Famous Duo Trailer for the game courtesy of the PlayStation YouTube channel.

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