Shields of Loyalty Update 0.8.1 Brings Game Closer to its Planned 2022 Full Release

Big update with more content, refined gameplay and new features in the works

Developer Mosaic Mask Studio has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for their game, Shields of Loyalty, that captures the vibes of the golden age of Turn-based strategy games. The game offers a lovingly crafted 2D dark fantasy world with hex-fields, a host of enemies, events, POIs, a huge variety of tactical choices, a massive world to explore, and a challenging difficulty level all refined by modern gameplay mechanics and quality of life improvements.

Armchair generals will feel directly at home with the old “one more round” nostalgia and high replay-value Shields of Loyalty offers.

Mosaic Mask Studio has recently updated Shields of Loyalty to version 0.8.1 on Steam, bringing it closer to its planned end of 2022 full release. Update 0.8.1 refines the earlier 0.8-patch that brought massive new content such as a brand new island, with 9 levels set in a landscape completely covered by snow and ice and added a host of new enemies, new events, POIs, and much more to the gameplay experience.

“Since we at Mosaic Mask Studio are a very small outfit with only 6 people working on Shields of Loyalty, I am very proud of the team for achieving this milestone, bringing us ever closer to release. It is a labor of love since we all love the turn-based classic and want to bring back the nostalgia to lovers of the genre, refined by modern gameplay mechanics and quality of life improvements”, comments Mosaic Mask Studio-founder and lead game designer Seçkin Ölmez.

Shields of Loyalty Update 0.8.1 screenshot

About Shields of Loyalty

Shields of Loyalty is a turn-based dark fantasy strategy game in 2D that takes on the legacy of the genre classics like Fantasy General, HOMM, and Battle Isle and enriches them with great new features and modern gameplay. Experience challenging TBS action with high replay value on the island world of Mantaria and lead your army victoriously from battle to battle.


  • Command one of several avatars with unique skills and auras
  • Train your units up to two times to become stronger and more powerful followers, who you lead and manage in challenging missions
  • Find artefacts to strengthen your troops in battle
  • Free “heroes of the old wards” and use their power and auras to your advantage
  • Discover the abilities of your units and use them wisely in the fight against the unholy brood
  • Form your units into larger squads to fight against powerful enemies and withstand the onslaught of evil
  • Tactical depth. Use auras of your avatars and heroes, the terrain, and strategically advantageous formations to master the challenges
  • Survive randomly generated environmental effects such as lightning, storms, or meteorites that occur and make no difference between friend and foe

Shields of Loyalty is available right now on PC (via Steam Early Access).

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