Shooting Girl – a New Trailer

Nutaku, an online gaming portal featuring premium web and mobile games who started by bringing immensely popular International titles to an English-speaking audience for the very first time, announced that they will import an English version of Shooting Girl starting in mid-2016.

Shooting Girl was created by noted Japanese developers, DMM, publishers of the Kantai Collection (“KanColle”). The game features 7 classes of Gun-Girls, each with their own roles and abilities. There are over 70 distinct characters with unique artwork and stats. The combat system is designed to reward careful use of formations and battlefield abilities. Outdoor weather will also have direct effect the battles. Besides, the game will feature an extensive campaign mode where players use resources to build their special warfare school.

Shooting Girl is a turn-based strategy game that takes place in an alternate Tokyo where enemies called “unknown” has destoryed the city of Tokyo. Only a group of armed school girls called “Shooting Girls” is all that is left. Your goal is to train those gungirls into an elite force, and take back Tokyo.

Shooting Girl features over 70 characters broken into seven classes. Each character has “unique artwork and stats.” The game’s combat system is simple, but provides depth by rewarding “careful use of formations and battlefield abilities.” Weather conditions will have to be taken into account, as they directly affect battles. An “extensive” campaign will see players following a core storyline as they build up their “special warfare school.”

Watch the newest trailer here: