Sony Interactive Entertainment Reportedly to Release PlayStation 5 Internal Storage Summer 2021

playstation 5

According to a new report, Sony Interactive Entertainment will start rolling out PlayStation 5 internal storage upgrades soon.

Media outlet Bloomberg recently reported that the support for additional storage will be coming soon this Summer 2021. It will come with a new firmware update that will unlock higher cooling fan speeds. This is to prevent from overheating the console.

Since PS5 games can only be played in the console with the requirement of its SSD and it only has a storage size of 667GB, the only choice SIE has is to release an expansion of that same SSD. More and more latest games have higher installation sizes, so an expansion is much needed. Also, games cannot be transferred from internal to external storage devices with SSD. SIE says it “wouldn’t match the PS5 loading speeds.”

No specific release date for the new PlayStation 5 internal storage to be released though, but the report says sometime in Summer 2021.

Source: Bloomberg via Eurogamer