Sifu 2022 Free Content Update Roadmap Revealed

First major update launches early next month!

Sloclap has recently revealed the Sifu 2022 free content update roadmap.

According to Sloclap on the game’s official Twitter account, the game will get four major updates for each season of the year 2022. There is also a release date of its first major update, which will be the Spring update. It will be released on Tuesday May 3, 2022 together with the release of the physical edition.

Sifu 2022 Spring Update

Sifu will get its very first major update for this year, which is next week Tuesday. The Spring update will add the new difficulty options, advanced training, and outfit selection as a new costume will be introduced, the Wude Outfit. The difficulty options will include Student, Disciple, and Master.

Summer 2022 Update

For Summer, Sifu will get new outfits to choose from. Also, it will have advanced scoring and the new gameplay modifiers which can either make the game more challenging or easy. Check out the modifiers to choose from:

sifu 2022

Fall 2022 Update

For Fall, players will be able to enjoy the Replay Editor mode where they can replay their gameplay. There are also new modifiers and outfits to check out. Based on the roadmap image, it seems they are also planning to add new platforms, which clearly suggests Nintendo Switch, and the other one could be for Steam Deck.

Winter 2022 Update

By Winter, the update will add a new game mode called Arenas. It is not explained on what Arenas are but it could be stages where numerous enemies will be rushing towards the protagonist and see how long they can survive. There are also new modifiers and outfits to be added.

Sifu is now digitally available on PS4, PS5, and PC. It will be getting its first update and physical editions on May 3, 2022.