Sifu Autumn Update to Include Create Personalized Takedown Cam Feature

Here's how the replay editor works.

Developer Sloclap has recently released some details about the upcoming Sifu Autumn update and what it entails.

Way back in August 2022, Sifu got a new update which was quite big. It included a new scoring system and modifiers that allowed players to customize difficulty. It also included two new outfits. There was also a tease of what to expect in the autumn update.

Today, a sneak peek of what the update will include and revealed the replay editor. Players will be able to capture their favorite moments and make their own mini action sequence. The replay editor has its own camera controls and various settings that could change the takedown cam. It also showed the timeline editor that can create some cinematic shots.

While Sloclap gave everyone a little taste of what is to come, it did not share when the upcoming will be available. It has promised the fans that it will be coming soon, which means it could be later this month or maybe early next month.

sifu autumn update

Sifu is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5.

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