Sifu Developer Already Working on Another Game Based on New Job Listing

A new game could be in the works!

Sloclap, the guys behind the popular game Sifu, is seemingly already working on a new game with the new update on the website.

Sifu has become a really popular game with its kung fu theme and its rather unique feature of its protagonist dying and getting stronger, but also getting older. With its solid combat gameplay, it has been propelled to great heights and it has only been a few months since its launch. Even after that, it seems Sloclap is already planning to kickstart a new title.

Based on the studio’s official website, a new job listing was spotted that seems to indicate a new game is in the works. One of the positions they are looking for is a new level designer to aid them in building a new 3D action game. The requirements included game and level design experience, but they also asked that the one who will apply should have some interest in martial arts.

A new game is a big possibility based on this job listing, but it could still have a theme of kung fu with the requirement of interest in martial arts. Since their game got popular, it could be that they are trying to ride the wave of popular from it.

There is another possibility though, which is a new DLC expansion for Sifu. Since it got super popular with the gaming community, Sloclap could be taking advantage of its popularity and try to add more content for the game. There has not been any new major content for it, so an expansion could possibly happen.

Sifu is now available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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