Sifu To Be Entirely Single-Player Only Martial Arts Action Game

French Game Developer SloClap recently revealed its latest video game called Sifu, a story-based martial arts action game.

This new game will be different than the previous title they developed, which was Absolver, the online multiplayer combat game. It will focus now on single-player gameplay with martial arts combined. There will be no online component.

Executive Producer Pierre Tarno shared with media outlet PC Gamer the reason for choosing a single-player gameplay only approach was to put all the development efforts in the gameplay. They did not want to split the development team’s efforts into creating online play.

Tarno stated that the team wanted to recreate the fantasy of one person taking on an army with pure martial arts skills only. Absolver, in comparison, was 1 versus 1 only. “The fantasy we want is that sort of Jackie Chan movie fantasy where it’s one versus many,” he said.

Sifu is about a kung-fu student who is out for revenge for his murdered family who were killed by assassins. Aside from single-player and martial arts skills, another feature in this game is the ability to come back to life, but he ages as a consequence. Tarno did not explain any further details though.

The game’s martial arts involved in this game is inspired by the Lao Siu Leung Pak Mei school of Kung Fu. Game Creative Director Jordan Layani practices this particular martial art. His master, Sifu Benjami Culos is a master of Lao Siu Leung Pak Mei and worked with the studio on both its fighting and matters of authenticity.

Sifu will launch on PC for the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, and PS5.

Source: PC Gamer