Silent Hill 2 Secrets Unveiled After 17 Years Since Its Launch

Silent Hill 2 MC

After 17 years since its launch, Silent Hill 2 still holds secrets that gamers still did not know until now.

Silent Hill 2 secrets revealed

Data miner punk_7890 recently discovered a nifty cheat code that allows players to unlock a mini-map in the top right-hand corner of the screen. There is also a second code that will grant players access to save anywhere in the game. The mini-map was actually uncovered by other data miners in the past, but it was unknown how to unlock it, but now this new data miner has gotten it right. Players need to have the original PlayStation 2 release for it work.

To access these awesome features, players have to type the corresponding cheat codes and do a few steps first. They have to unlock the game’s Dog Ending first. To unlock that ending, they have to see the In Water, Leave, and Maria endings too. They should also beat the game and earn the Rebirth ending.

Source: punk7890

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