Rumored New Silent Hill Project Being Outsourced by Konami to Japanese Developer

According to a new rumor, there is a new Silent Hill project in the works and it is being outsourced by game publisher Konami.

Konami is outsourcing the development of the upcoming new project to a prominent Japanese developer according to media outlet VGC. It also shared that there will be a big reveal this coming summer 2021.

There was a report saying that Konami has approached other studios already and one of those is Dark Pictures developer Supermassive. They were approached for a Silent Hill reboot, but ultimately did not push through.

Bloober Team, meanwhile, stated that they are currently working on a new gaming project and it is a horror IP. The say that it is from a famous gaming publisher, which could be Konami or someone else. CEO Piotr Babieno teased that they could not divulge what the project is all about, but if they would reveal the name, everyone would freak out and be excited about it. Yep, totally hints Silent Hill.

Other sources say that the new Silent Hill project is a “big departure” from the previous games. This could mean that Konami is looking for alternate takes on the horror series.

There was also that one time where Silent Hill composer Keiichiro Toyoma hinted that he is working on a new game and if people knew, they would be excited. The interview was taken down by Konami though.

Take this with a grain of salt for now.

Source: VGC