Silent Hill New Updates to Appear This Week

Probably a new game!

Konami has recently updated the Silent Hill social media accounts, announcing a big reveal this week.

On one of the social media platforms of Silent Hill, it was revealed that Konami will be showing the latest updates for the Silent Hill series. The livestream will be called the Silent Hill Transmission and it will start on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 2 PM PT. The post has not revealed anything else, which is quite a big tease for Konami but it clearly suggests this is going to be an announcement for a new title.

Many fans are already speculating that there will be a new Silent Hill game that will be revealed this coming Wednesday. Others are quite pessimistic and not hopeful that the announcement will contain anything new. In fact, they are expecting that this will be a new pachinko game with the theme of Silent Hill.

Pachinko games are quite the fad in Japan for many years and Konami is widely known for its many pachinko booths with famous Konami titles based on them. Previously they revealed a Metal Gear Solid 3 pachinko game, which quickly made a lot of fans angry.

silent hill

Hopefully, the big reveal is going to be a new Silent Hill game, or perhaps the franchise is going for a new platform like a movie or a TV series.