Sirus Gaming is excited for these games in 2017

We’ve entered 2017, and it’s been great for Sony with Gravity Rush 2 getting a lot of praise, while in Microsoft’s side it’s been rough especially with Scalebound getting axed. With Nintendo Switch launching this March, there are also games that we’re looking forward to this year for the Switch.

Sometimes expectations hurt like how Hello Games’ provided details that never existed in No Man’s Sky‘s release. Will it be the same this year? I hope not. These are the games that the Sirus team is excited to play this year.

legend of zelda breath of the wild

Felippe Baricuatro: Open world wasn’t a new thing to Zelda, this was how it’s first set of installments played out before Ocarina of Time made it linear. For Zelda to go back to this formula, I say it’s about time. Breath of the Wild is the Zelda game that I personally have been waiting for.

A game by Platinum is a game worth looking into, and that’s Nier: Automata. After Revengeance, I couldn’t get enough of Platinum games’ hack and slash games.

I loved the first Injustice game, surely Injustice 2 will. I never expected to love it but its story, its take on our favorite DC superheroes, the fluid gameplay, I just loved the game. Now with Injustice 2 coming out, I’m pretty excited to see as to what’s up with the Injustice universe. I can’t wait to dive head on into the aftermath of the first installation.

Sniper Elite was a game that gave me an odd satisfaction. Slow motion kill cam with an X-ray view on the point of impact of your bullet was just satisfying to watch. I loved the Sniper Elite series almost purely because of this. I can’t definitely wait for Sniper Elite 4.

Haidee Pinote: For 2017, I only have two games in mind: Horizon: Zero Dawn and NieR: Automata. To put it out there, I’m a real sucker for TPS games all the same with hack-and-slash games as well as any open-world RPG any game developer’s gonna put my way. This pretty much sums up why I’m pretty exzoited (yes, I spelled it like that) for these two babies come out.

Horizon: Zero Dawn — When I first laid eyes on its gameplay trailer, I fell in love with it instantly. Same with Nier: Automata, it has this steam-punk vibe that gives a mysterious pull into it. History all mixed up with technology never cease to amaze me in all aspects to the point that it made me want to pre-order the damn thing.


Yes. HZD is the very first game that made me pre-order for the first time just so I could get a better deal of it. The way the gameplay mix and matches weapons giving the player a wide array of options to choose from on how to take down an enemy either with traps, or just merely shoot the monster down, it’s up to you. The possibilities are endless!

NieR: Automata   Same as with HZD, when I first saw the game trailer. It showed a kind of gameplay I wanted to experience for myself and not just watch from the sidelines. This hack-and-slash game also portrays steam-punk-eic atmosphere that entices the players into finding out what’s going on. The characters in this game are also cute, all dolled in gothic-styled dresses walking around in heels carrying with them both old school and advance mech which makes it all the more interesting to look at let alone play! The camera also provides a good view of the game. What makes it interesting is how inconsistent it can be, from views at the back, side and even top-side! Truly these two games are worth every last penny. A definite must have for any TPS (and even non-TPS) sucker like me.

David Rix: First and foremost I’m eagerly, but also cautiously, awaiting Nioh. I’m not too into the Souls type games, but given the setting of Nioh being in feudal Japan and the Onimusha vibes, how could I not be excited. I’m cautious because of my history — or lack thereof, rather — with the Souls franchise, but I’m still willing to give it a shot.

Next are the Kingdom Hearts Collections — Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Kingdom Hearts 1.5, and Kingdom Hearts 2.5– which are coming out in the next three months. I absolutely adore the series and I can’t wait to replay my adventures with Sora and the gang and hear that Simple and Clean theme once again.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. No explanation needed.

I’m not a complete expert when it comes to the Persona series, but I fell in love with Persona 4. The way it incorporated life sim elements to spice up the JRPG formula is really what cemented me as a fan. The joy of picking which characters to bond with, not only because of possible stat boosts or bonuses, but because you genuinely felt a connection with these characters. I can’t wait to do the same with a whole new set of friends in Persona 5.

Lastly, the italian plumber is back and in what seems unknown territories. Super Mario Odyssey looks to be the 3D Mario we’ve been waiting for since Super Mario Sunshine. Some say Super Mario 64, but Sunshine was just as open world. I can’t wait to explore all new worlds and uncover new secrets by doing what Mario does best, platforming.


Dave Acuña: Looking forward to Dauntless since it has the same feel as Monster Hunter; it’s even dubbed as Monster Hunter of the West. I just like hunting monster and making weapons and armors out of them.

I’m also thinking of finally getting a PS4 for myself to play Horizon Zero Dawn. Again, it gives me the same Monster Hunter vibes, but with a proper story to follow. The premise of it is also interesting; now that technology has taken over and humanity has regressed to a nomadic and primitive way of living.

Lastly, there hasn’t been any official news yet but I’m already looking forward to playing the localized version of Monster Hunter XX. It would be awesome if it goes straight on the Nintendo Switch.

Leif Bornales: I am excited for Mass Effect Andromeda. I loved the Mass Effect trilogy and I am interested to know where they will take this franchise to. I hope it lives up to my hype and i once again would love to explore the vast universe it has to offer.

I am also anticipating Uncharted: Lost Legacy. I’ve always been a fan of the series and I am happy to know that it will continue. Being that its Naughty Dog I’m sure its going to be another stellar game.

mass effect andromeda screenshot

The next one i am looking forward to is Persona 5. I haven’t really followed the series but when I played Persona 4 Golden I loved its old school RPG style, and now I just can’t wait to get more out of the series.

Next on my list is Horizon: Zero Dawn. From what we saw of the game it looks really good. I believe it’s definitely going to be one of those games that will be talked about when it comes out and I hope that it lives up to the hype.

Finally i am excited for the new God of War. Norse mythology? I’m interested how it will pan out. It’s interesting that they made this Kratos “human” but we will see how he is as a father.

Joecel Cruz: I am super duper stoked for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! It’s been a long time since Nintendo has shaken me with a Zelda game (since Twilight Princess), and this is going to be the year! Persona 5 is also making me feel super duper excited! Best art style and animation of all Persona games yet.

On the MMO front, I am looking forward to STORMBLOOD, the next FFXIV expansion! With the revamp to the battle system and the introduction of the Red Mage into the game, FFXIV is pulling out all the stops for 2017!

Jan Goyeneche: First one on my list is going to be NieR: Automata. I’ve seen Bayonetta 1 & 2, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s gameplay, and played Devil May Cry 4, and even though I ain’t that big of a fan of this genre, I still enjoyed every little bit of those games. Overkilling and over-the-top action sequences have never been this so good, therefore making NieR: Automata able to take the first spot on this list.

Bastion and Transistor were both fantastic games, which makes me really look forward to Pyre. Though it may not have the same gameplay as its predecessors anymore based on the trailers, it’s still one of the games I’m looking forward to not just for its gameplay, but for its story, and overall content, too.

PYRE feature

Horizon Zero Dawn also deserves to be mentioned in this list. Sure, fighting giant robots and mechs isn’t new to the industry anymore, but fighting them caveman-style? Let me on in the hype!

Kratos may already have run out of Greek gods to kill, more or less, but in the new God of War game he surely still can kill more gods, and this time on the Nordic side, Viking-style. Will Kratos be the same angry demi-god we all knew? Or would he be a much more calm father figure? By only playing the game can these questions be answered, and by joining the hype can this excitement be fueled!

I’m not really a big fan of the horror genre, but seeing as to how Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s gameplay has changed, it was able to convince me to look forward for it and actually play it, combined with The Kitchen’s VR experience. I may have played several Resident Evil titles already, but the Outlast-y change of gameplay from Resident Evil 7 will surely make me jumpy and terrified. Thanks, anxiety!

Last, but not the least, Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. I loved everything in the first Red Dead Redemption, and having known that there’ll be a second one the announcement automatically made me hyped. I do hope you can swim on this one, though, or else I’d get seriously frustrated just because I ended up drowning trying to escape the enemy, or get mad at not being able to jump with my horse on a really short ledge. Looking forward to see who’ll be the main character on this one.

Lexuzze Tablante: Alright, where do I start? There’s a lot of great games coming out this year, and I’m pretty much excited for them. I already pre-ordered the collector’s edition of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Guerilla Games’ new IP and their first take on a new genre. It’s quite exciting to see how developers like Guerilla take this route over their first-person shooter games — Killzone. Mechanized animals against humans with barely any technology to use against them. Challenging it may seem, huh?

I was never a fan of classic platformers especially in the era of the original PlayStation, but Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy will be a great remaster like the reboot of Ratchet & Clank. I’m definitely down for it, and to say, I’ve tried the original Crash a long time ago and it was fun. So, I’m definitely sure that everyone, not just me, will go insane with the N.Sane Trilogy.

south park fractured but whole

I’m not a Nintendo guy, I never also did play that much Mario over Sonic in the past few years, but don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Mario, it just didn’t hit me to play them. But this changed after I saw Super Mario Odyssey. I love how the developers went to an interesting approach involving different worlds in the Mario universe. It seems that the Mushroom Kingdom is getting boring, and that it’s time for Mario to get out and discover something new.

Now, fart jokes are hilariously funny, and South Park: The Fractured But Whole (yes, it really sounds like butthole.) will be one hell of a game that I would definitely laugh more. The whole new different story path where Cartman and the gang are going for is a superhero-themed adventure. It’s going to be one smelly and funny adventure that I’ll hop into once it gets out and I’m definitely excited for it!

With a lot of exciting games coming out in 2017, what are you excited for this year? Let us know down in the comments!