Sirus Gaming Philippines User Reviews! Be heard!

We all have our own opinion and sometimes we just don’t agree with some of the reviews we read online. Have you ever thought that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was just overrated and the gameplay is just all the same like the past CoD games, and those known gaming websites gave the game a score of 9? Was there a game that really had bugs and the editorial staff overlooked that issue which made your experience horrible when you played it? Was there a time when you just think the review is biased? And do you think that user reviews aside from the editorial-staff should have attention from the industry? Well, I personally think that everyone’s opinion is really important in terms of their experience on the product. This is why we, at Sirus Gaming Philippines, will feature your reviews! It’s time for you to be heard, not just locally, but internationally!


How can I submit my reviews?
You need to send us an email starting with the subject “[Platform] – [Name of the Game] – Review” at [email protected].

Does every review I send gets featured or do I need to meet some criteria first?
We, in Sirus Gaming Philippines, wants to have all of your reviews out but we also need to consider the quality of the review. We don’t allow biased reviews. This is a big no-no.

Is there a word count for the review?
Yes. You need to have at least 350 words for your review. We don’t want to push you guys to for 650 words or even more, it’s really up to you.

Is there a format of the review article?
No. We want you to write your content with any format you are comfortable using. As long as the general audience understands your review, then you’re all good!

What is the score system?
The score ranges from 1.0 to 10. Graphics, Sounds, Gameplay, and Replay Value.

Can we have our own screenshots?
Yes. We would recommend that you have 1920×1080 resolution for high quality screenshots.

I live outside Philippines, do we still have a chance of getting our reviews featured?
A big YES.

Can we review old games?
Definitely! You can even review Duck Hunt or Battle City if you want.

We already have our first user review! A friend of ours from, Jamzkie  reviewed THE DIVISION on the PC platform and here’s what she has to stay. Click here for the review.

Do you want to review a game or do you have more questions? Submit your review to [email protected]!

Founder, Chief Editor