Six Days in Fallujah Official Gameplay Video Released

Upcoming video game Six Days in Fallujah gets its official gameplay video showcasing an awesome feature.

six days in fallujah

Media outlet IGN uploaded a new gameplay video of the upcoming first-person tactical military shooter developed by Victura and Highwire Games. The developers walk the viewers throughout the gameplay.

The video revealed that this game will have a unique feature that they have developed called Procedural Architecture. According to them, it will reshape the entire battlefield each time the game is played. This means every encounter will be different because the buildings and city blocks will be assembled procedurally.

Highwire Games and Victura spent over three years trying to perfect this new modern game engine so that it can make every encounter unique, every scenario approached with different ways, and no game ever plays the same way twice. It also has dynamic AI.

This game actually recreates the true stories from the 2004 Second Battle for Fallujah. This was based from the accounts from more than 100 Marines, soldiers, and Iraqi civilians.

Six Days in Fallujah will be launch later 2021 for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Check the official website here.

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Here’s the video courtesy of IGN: