Skate 4 Confirmed to be Live-Service Free-to-Play Title

Has microtransactions for cosmetics.

Full Circle has recently announced that Skate 4 is going to be a free-to-play live-service title.

EA’s upcoming newest Skate entry is now officially titled Skate and will be a free-to-play live-service game. This revealed during a video announcement by the developers. They want the game to be a community-driven game with a world constantly evolving with the help of fans and their creativity. They believe that the free-to-play model is a natural evolution for the franchise.

It was confirmed that this game will have microtransactions for cosmetics. Head of Product Management on Skate Isabelle Mocquard revealed that the business model for the game will be based on cosmetic microtransactions. They promised that these will not have gameplay advantages and they will not hide gameplay areas behind paywalls. Customization has been one of the biggest features of Skate games so the developers believe the microtransaction system has the potential to be very successful.

Skate will also have online features like CollaboZones, which are areas that players collaboratively build that can appear in other players’ worlds. This could become unpredictable as players might make areas that do not make sense, but Full Circle is fully aware of this. It might need someone that would monitor such features.


Skate is currently in development.

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