Skull and Bones Closed Beta Tester Claims Game Has “Few Innovations”

Also confirms Microtransactions, no land combat, and more.

A new online post claims there was a new Skull and Bones closed beta, and shares some details and feedback about it.

Skull and Bones Closed Beta Length and Content

The poster claims they were invited to a new Skull and Bones closed beta of Skull and Bones that just got concluded. They say that it had a six-hour gameplay time limit and after that, it cannot be played again. The testers are only able to try out the early parts of the game. They claim that the game is already close to completion in development and this is the most polished version they have played so far. They did not see any bugs or missing assets this time and even the battlepass got implemented.

Tutorial and Long Loading Screens

Various interesting details about the Skull and Bones closed beta were shared by this reddit poster. The game would start out in a small tutorial area where the player would be the only surviving crewmate from a big pirate ship that got caught in a storm. They will start in a small boat called the Dhow and learn how to do missions, gather resources, and fight sharks. Now here are the problematic parts of the closed beta so far: each time a player would craft or turn in a mission, they will have to go to base on land which will involve a VERY LONG loading screen. Talking with other people to hand in quests will also need the same long loading screen. They claim that it would take about 1-2 minutes to disembark, talk, and get back on the ship.

No Land Combat Confirmed

The poster notes there is no land combat at all, which is why they are confused about the land gameplay. There are also cosmetics being sold in stores but in the game, players will never see their character on the ship. Players will either play in first person or zoomed out.

Fetch Quests and First Proper Ship

After completing the tutorial in the Skull and Bones closed beta, players will be transported to the actual main hub of the game. They will have to do a few more fetch quests and then craft their first proper ship with a bigger crew and cannons. They will then have to rob some merchant and fishing ships that are not able to fight back to earn resources and money. After a few of these raids, they will now get a quest that will begin their first big naval combat. The poster claims this is now about 2-3 hours into the game already.

The poster notes that this first proper ship players get is still small with 2 guns on each side. The ones that everyone saw in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag will need at least 20-25 hours of gameplay to acquire those. It is super grindy.

Ship Combat Not That Complicated

In ship combat, it is not that different from Black Flag, claims the poster. Players will be able to unlock newer ships as more quests will be completed, but note that this will take 30-50 hours before they could get to the bigger and better ones.

Microtransactions Despite $60 Price Tag

The poster also revealed the battlepass and that there is premium currency that will be used to buy premium content in the game.

Based on the post, Skull and Bones seems to have things on development pinned down already and noting that there are no bugs anymore is great. The problems now are the game mechanics that need some improvement, the addition of land combat, additional types of quests, and clarification on the microtransactions.

skull and bones closed beta

Skull and Bones has been delayed for the sixth time already and could launch as early in April 2023 or as late as December 2023. Ubisoft did promise that the release date will be announced soon but there has been no response lately. Also, preorders of the game on the PS Store have been refunded already.