Skull and Bones Preorders Refunded Claims Various Reports

Currently the PlayStation preorders got refunded.

Recent reports claim that Skull and Bones preorders are now being automatically refunded by the PS Store. After the announcement of the game’s sixth delay, it seems PlayStation is the one taking the initiative and canceling pre-orders.

The preorders that got refunded automatically are particularly the $100 Deluxe Edition of Skull and Bones. Some PlayStation users posted online state that they got refunded today without any warning. They are also saying the game is no longer available for sale in the PS Store. We can confirm that the game’s PlayStation page has no buy button anymore and only has the Add to Wishlist option.

The Skull and Bones page also does not have the Deluxe Edition now. It only includes information about the game like details and the vague release window which is 2023.

Twitter user Tom Crute revealed that his preorder of the game on PlayStation got automatically refunded. A reddit user also confirms this and revealed that did not get any notice or any email from Ubisoft or SIE.

Ubisoft Support Responds to Skull and Bones Pre-Order Cancellations

Ubisoft support quickly responded to the Twitter user to ask for additional information. He complained that the company should have sent a warning or an email first before a refund could be authorized.

The refunds have only happened on the side of PlayStation. No reports yet on whether or not the Xbox version will follow suit.

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Skull and Bones is still set to launch sometime in 2023.