Skull and Bones Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

It's a pirates' life for me!

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After many years of development, some of which were subject to delays, Ubisoft’s live-service pirate game, Skull and Bones, is within sight. Starting on February 16th, players will be able to jump into a world full of pirate ships and adventure across the high seas. We don’t quite know what the full experience will look like just yet, but if it’s anything like our hands-on impression of the game, we remain optimistic yet cautious at the same.

In this guide, I’ll tell you how you can loot and plunder your way to getting the Platinum trophy for Ubisoft’s long-awaited pirate sim. Admittedly, it’s not what one would expect coming from the same publisher that gave us Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.

There are 51 trophies to earn during your days at sea. And most of them are earned hopefully through many play sessions.

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 1 Gold trophy
  • 12 Silver trophies
  • 37 Bronze trophies

Skull and Bones Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • Pirate Legend: Unlock all trophies

Gold trophy

  • Magellan: Sail 1,000,000 meters

Silver trophies

  • It’s More Fun Together!: Complete 5 shared contracts
  • The Poacher: Hunt down at least 1 of each hostile wildlife (spear only)
  • The Silencer: Destroy flare weak point to interrupt a ship from firing flares
  • Not Today: Sink an enemy ship while having 5% HP or lower
  • In-spear-rational: Deal 3,000 damage to towers using a spear
  • Water Party: Successfully plunder a location in stormy weather
  • Hitman: Sink a Privateer
  • I Can See My House From Here!: Creast a rogue wave
  • But You Have Heard of Me: Reach “Cutthroat” tier
  • Duty Free: Discover smuggler’s hideout
  • First Come, First Served: Successfully capture your first Manufactory
  • Derby: In total, deal 30,000 of collision (ram) damage to other ships

Bronze trophies

  • Hello, World!: Greet players with an “Ahoy!” from the quick-chat option in a server chat room
  • Home of Compagnie Royale: Spyglass or interact with La Bastide
  • Pirates, Assemble!: Group up with two other players during gameplay
  • Home of Clan of Fara: Spsglass or interact with Ankohonana
  • The Explorer: Activate a pirate’s bonfire on 3 outposts
  • Home of Sea People: Spyglass or interact with Tenina Town
  • Wood Collector: Harvest wood in 3 regions
  • The People’s Person: Talk to 20 interactable NPCs
  • East Indies Explorer: Explore all zones in the East Indies
  • Battle Royale: Defeat 5 ships without leaving Open Seas region
  • Red Isle Explorer: Explore all zones in the Red Isle
  • Coast of Africa Explorer: Explore all zones in the Coast of Africa
  • Banished Admiral: Meet Admiral Rahma
  • Why Fight When We Can Negotiate?: Hide from attackers in a safe zone
  • Open Seas Explorer: Explore all zones in the Open Seas
  • Cook Pirates: Cook 15 dishes
  • Just For Fun: Defeat an enemy and leave the zone without looting
  • Go Overboard: Finish an enemy with a crew boarding
  • The Mime: Show your gratitude to any NPC after talking to them
  • Metal Collector: Harvest metal in 3 regions
  • After a Long Day of Sailing: Dance to a song performed by musicians in Saint-Anne
  • Home of Dominion of Rempah: Spyglass or interact with Suny
  • When We Raid, It Pours: Loot a total of 50,000 silver of item value from enemy ships
  • Lunar Effect: Stare at the full moon for ten seconds while on land
  • Sharing is Caring: Trade items with at least 3 players
  • Skull and Jute: Harvest 10,000 pieces of jute in total
  • Mainland Pirate: Reach Saint-Anne
  • Ship Captain: Build your first ship
  • Turtle Up!: Equip your ship with armor
  • There You Are!: Scan an object from a long distance (1,400 meters+)
  • Just Business: Meet John Scurlock
  • Why is the Brandy Always Gone?: Sell all your brandy
  • Porcupine: Hit enemy ships with a spear 100 times
  • Home of Dutch Merchant Company: Spyglass or interact with Oosten Capital
  • Home of Confederation of Ungwana: Spyglass or interact with Jiwe
  • Fiber Collector: Harvest fiber in 3 regions

Let’s make one thing clear, this isn’t an open-world version of Black Flag as many of us originally thought. Heck, our characters couldn’t even leave their ship and swim in the waters. But what the game lacks in immersion, it makes up for it with ship variants and character customization. From what I can tell, this has all the markings of an easy yet time consuming Platinum trophy run.

Everything in the game begins and ends with you being the captain of a pirate ship. You are literally given command of a ship by two strangers early on who might not have any business being on a ship. Convenient circumstances aside, the game’s near-non-existent story is just there to get on board before taking you far, far away.

The game’s sole Gold trophy, Magellan, asks you to sail 1,000,000 meters across the game’s different zones. Sailing 1 million meters is no easy feat, but you can spend your time looting ships and raising your pirate ranks. Doing this will unlock the ‘When We Raid, It Pours‘ and ‘But You Have Heard of Me‘ trophies respectively.

The ship antics don’t stop there. You get the Ship Captain Bronze trophy for building your ship. The first one you get out of necessity, the one following that is the one you choose as your Black Pearl. True to its roots, you will be able to equip your ship with armor. Whether or not it is temporary armor still remains to be seen. But doing so will unlock the ‘Turtle Up!’ trophy. Weirdly enough, there are no trophies for upgrading your cannons.

Ship combat plays a significant part in the experience. There are no less than half a dozen trophies associated with ship-to-ship combat. You get the trophies; Derby, The Silencer, Not Today, Just For Fun, Battle Royale, Hitman, and Go Overboard during naval battles. You can get these by playing the game naturally and not even notice them. That also applies to the ‘I Can See My House From Here!‘ Silver trophy that asks you to ride waves as tall as buildings.

At the time of launch, there are going to be four regions to explore: the East Indies, the Red Isle, the Coast of Africa, and the Open Seas. The following trophies will be unlocked for exploring all their zones.

  • East Indies Explorer: Explore all 28 zones in the East Indies
  • Red Isle Explorer: Explore all 14 zones in the Red Isle
  • Coast of Africa Explorer: Explore all 10 zones in the Coast of Africa (10 of them)
  • Open Seas Explorer: Explore all 6 zones in the Open Seas

There seems to be a huge emphasis on attacking things with a spear in this. You get the ‘Porcupine‘ Bronze trophy for hitting enemy ships with a spear 100 times. The ‘In-spear-rational‘ Silver trophy is unlocked after dealing 3,000 damage to towers using a spear. And ‘The Poacher’ Silver trophy is unlocked after hunting down at least 1 of each hostile wildlife with a spear.

There are six trophies associated with interacting or looking at places with a spyglass. I do believe these are friendly ports you can do business with or seek sanctuary if and when you get into trouble.

The following are places that have trophies to them.

  • Home of Compagnie Royale – La Bastide
  • Home of Clan of Fara – Ankohonana
  • Home of Sea People – Tenina Town
  • Home of Dominion of Rempah – Suny
  • Home of Dutch Merchant Company – Oosten Capital
  • Home of Confederation of Ungwana – Jiwe

For some reason, harvesting resources is part of being a pirate in this game. You get trophies for harvesting wood, metal, and fiber from 3 different regions. Additionally, you get the Skull and Jute trophy for harvesting 10,000 pieces of jute. Oddly specific and I can only assume that getting 10,00 piece of rope? takes some time to do compared to other resources.

Skull and Bones take a cue from contemporary title, Sea of Thieves, wherein special attention is given to the multiplayer aspect of the game. There’s the ‘Pirates, Assemble!‘ trophy for grouping up with two other players to form a crew on the spot. You even get the ‘Sharing is Caring‘ Bronze trophy for trading items with at least 3 players. If you aren’t down with randoms, you can always drag your friends in to do 5 shared contracts and unlock the ‘It’s More Fun Together!‘. You also unlock the ‘Hello, World!‘ Bronze trophy after greeting players with an “Ahoy!” from the quick-chat option in a server chat room.

And finally, we have the miscellaneous trophies. The Lunar Effect Bronze trophy is unlocked after staring at the full moon for ten seconds while on land. I can’t for the life of me figure out what the inspiration for this trophy was. It might have come from another Pirate game for all we know. Cooking 15 dishes and unlocking the Cook Pirates Bronze trophy shouldn’t be too hard to do. This might be more interesting if we are able to fish in the game. But I suppose making land fall and hunting boars with a spear will do as well.

How Long to Beat Skull and Bones

And that’s everything I have for this Skull and Bones trophy guide. I have to admit, I had my reservations about the game, especially when it comes to things like resource gathering and limited movement. But there is enough stuff here to semi-fulfill desires for another Blag Flag experience. The only problem is giving out compelling reasons to stay the course. Well, that’s what the seasons and battle passes are for, right?