Skyforge Expansion Overgrowth Revealed With First Trailer

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Game developer Allods Team and publisher recently announced that Skyforge will have a new expansion called Overgrowth. They also revealed a new trailer focusing on the new content.

Skyforge Overgrowth contents revealed

Allods Team named the new expansion for Skyforge as Overgrowth. They introduced new contents in this new expansion for the fans to try out once it gets released.

The new expansion will introduce a new class called Grovewalkers for the popular MMORPG. This class is a nature-based mage class with long-ranged attacks.

The Overgrowth expansion will include new reworked story missions. It will also include new challenges for players to try out. The good news is that the new expansion will be free of charge, which is just like the other expansions of this MMORPG.

The Overgrowth expansion will be available on April 11 on PC. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will have to wait for one more day, which is on April 12.

Check out the Skyforge Overgrowth trailer below:


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