Social Media Accounts Involved in Recent Diablo IV Q&A: Fake or Not?

The Mother of Sanctuary is highly displeased.

Several Blizzard fans were quick to point out on a recent Diablo IV Q&A session that the social media accounts that were involved in asking questions were highly suspicious.

YouTube Channel Hosts Diablo IV Q&A But Something Was Off

Last week, YouTuber Future Games Show hosted a Diablo IV Q&A session with Blizzard executives: Game Director Joseph Piepiora, and Art Director John Mueller. According to those present during the interview, the questions were not that interesting and a bit boring, but they noticed something “fishy” during the show.

The Q&A video in question

Fans Quick to Notice “Fakeness” in the Air

Famous Twitch streamer Quin69 was watching the video because he was a big fan of the Diablo franchise. He was infamous for his video about him spending over a thousand dollars to spend on Diablo Immortal to acquire unique gems. Since Diablo IV is the next big thing, he wanted all of the latest news about it, but he found something suspicious during the stream. He noticed the usernames used and the questions asked were ‘off’ and were too easy to answer. He listened to his instincts and quickly looked up at the names involved in the Diablo IV Q&A one by one. They were all non-existent. They were not members of Twitter or Reddit in the first place. So who were they actually?

Username Not Found. Oops.

According to Quin, these were all fakes conjured up by the hosts (FGS) or Blizzard itself, but they are leaning more toward the latter. The community, together with Quin and other internet personalities like Asmongold believe that Blizzard just wanted to answer the easy questions during the Diablo IV Q&A and avoid the controversial ones like microtransactions. One of the most hated features in most games today are microtransactions in any shape or form so if they were going to be asked by the fans, they would have awkwardly answered them.

For now, it is impossible to tell if these were faked or not, but the fact that someone discovered that these usernames were fake, the damage is now done.

Last Ditch Effort for Cover Up

In a last bid of covering up for damages, the Diablo IV Q&A video has a caption stating that some of the usernames in the video have been altered for anonymity, at the user’s request. That would be preposterous, though, since a fan would want their names to be shown to the world that they have participated in the stream for clout. No one would want to cover up their names unless it’s for a true crime show.

“Fake questions from fake users. Very transparent Blizzard” said one of the users in the video.

Blizzard and FGS have not shared any statement to confirm or deny these allegations.