SOEDESCO’s Sci-Fi Adventure ‘ELEA’ Launches Today On Steam Early Access

SOEDESCO is over the moon to announce that the first episode of dystopian first-person sci-fi adventure Elea is now available in Early Access on Steam. The full release of the first episode for both Steam and Xbox One will happen in two to three months.

A mesmerizing first-person experience

Elea is an exploration game in which players wander through detailed rooms, discover breathtaking space panoramas and from time to time are faced with phenomena that exceed human comprehension. Elea’s hypnotizing environments are powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Elea: Memories

The first episode of the Elea trilogy is called Memories. It tells the deeply personal story of space scientist Elea, as she embarks on a surreal journey through outer space and ponders the past events that led her there.

Years before, Earth was struck by an annihilating children’s disease that devastated Elea’s family. Elea’s husband Ethan joined an interstellar mission to colonize exoplanet Solace and save mankind from extinction. The starship he was on, Pilgrimage, went into radio silence shortly after arrival. Players join Elea on her mission to recover Pilgrimage and -above all- discover the fate of her husband.


  • Unravel a rich, touching story inspired by books of classic sci-fi writers
  • Submerge yourself in amazing graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • Explore gorgeous space environments, spectacular vistas and detailed interiors
  • Expect the unexpected on this peculiar journey through outer space

Source: Press Release