S.O.N PS4 Survival Horror Game Gets Gameplay Trailer

S.O.N gameplay red

Game developer RedG Studios recently released a brand new trailer for their upcoming video game called S.O.N. It focused on its awesome and terrifying gameplay.

S.O.N trailer is haunting but awesome

The new trailer of this awesome game looks creepy, dark, and teases of a terrifying creature emerging from the dark shadows. The game is set in the modern day world where players control of Robert Anderson, a father who is looking for his missing son, Jay. The day his son disappeared made him follow a lead until he stumbles upon a forest in Pennsylvania known as South of Nowhere.

Studio confirms not a VR game

RedG Studios confirmed in their latest tweet that the game is just a regular PlayStation 4 exclusive. It is not a VR game. Interested gamers will have to wait for three more days for more information.

Check out the scary trailer below:

Official website here.

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