Sonic Colors: Ultimate – Review

Fast and Fun Gameplay

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September 7, 2021
Blind Squirrel Games
PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PC
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Sonic Colors: Ultimate is a jump and run game that honestly surprised me as to how fun it could be when I first got a hold of it. I have not played any of the previous Sonic games and this is my first ever chance to get a look at the iconic SEGA franchise that everyone including their mother knows.

Originally, Sonic Colors released back in 2010 and Ultimate is the remade version brought back for the modern consoles. Ultimate brings additional features that extend the longevity of this more than decade old game such as upscaled visuals, enhanced gameplay, and an all-new game mode that wasn’t in the original.

For those who already had the chance to play Sonic Colors, then Ultimate would definitely be familiar. But regardless of whether you’re new or old to the game, what’s so great about it that makes it worth buying? Does Sonic Colors: Ultimate make it worth it to purchase the game a second time? What’s in it for those who have never tried out the game?

How Sonic Colors: Ultimate Differs from the Original

The premise of Sonic Colors is fairly simple. Eggman has duped everyone into thinking that he’s turned over a new leaf and out of remorse for his past actions has built an amusement park in space that contains large planet sized attractions. After a bit of investigation by Sonic and Tails, it turns out that this is all indeed a sham and Eggman is up to no good as always. His attractions are, in actuality, real planets that he collected all over the galaxy as he subjects its inhabitants to his wicked experimentations. It’s up to Sonic and Tails to stop the no-good doctor once again.

The plot in reality takes a back seat to the gameplay. There are a handful of cutscenes but most of them serve as a means to keep the game going whilst occasionally making jokes. They serve their purpose but whether you find the humor in the game to be charming would be up to you.

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Gameplay is fun carried around by the momentum of never letting up your speed. Levels in the game all have their own different challenges that encourages you to replay for higher scores and collectibles. Sonic Colors Ultimate has multiple worlds for you each with their own themes and interesting bosses you unlock as you progress.

Running fast is the name of the game. Besides his speed, Sonic has a variety of options at his disposal that all make each level pretty intricate and unique especially with the use of Wisps which give him a unique ability that you can use to help speed through the level. Our hedgehog can curl into a ball and propel himself at enemies and other utilities the level offers, boost himself for more speed, stomp on the ground to destroy boxes, and etc.

The levels of each world can be as equally challenging especially if you’re vying for high score and getting all the collectibles. They’ll have robots to stop you, pitfalls that causes Sonic to back a checkpoint, and spikes that cause damage to him. You’ll have as much obstacles in your way as you have skills on Sonic’s arsenal to help you.

The aliens in this game, known as Wisps, certainly change how each level is played. They’re a one-time usable utility if you can collect them during a run. Each give you a different power up on activation. They can turn sonic into an electric ball that bounces on surfaces. Another Wisp can turn Sonic into a drill that destroys a certain type of cube that is otherwise indestructible. Another turns him into a ghost to wander around the level uninterrupted.

Bosses can be some of the most fun I’ve encountered in a platform game. They each have a unique aesthetic to them with their own weaknesses. You’ll have one that’s a pirate where you’ll have to floor its ship before facing it. One where you’ll have to take on a space frigate on an asteroid roller coaster. One that’s a giant robotic Ferris wheel. Each world has its own boss and they’re a blast to fight.

As you finish levels you’ll gain currency that you can use on the main menu to purchase cosmetics for the titular protagonist. I found this to be a bit of a let down as the cosmetics that can be purchased aren’t really as varied as I would’ve liked. Though some cosmetic effects do look impressive once you try them out in the levels.

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Sonic Colors: Ultimate is certainly a fun game. Whether you’re new or have played the original Sonic Colors, Ultimate is something we’d recommend if it’s caught your eye. With its multiple variety of levels and unique worlds, there’s a lot of fun to be had trying to get the high scores in Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate – Review
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When the issues of a game are rolled and stomped by its greatness, then it’s something to invest on if you have some spare.
Unique and Fun Bosses
Good Variety of Levels
Fun Platform Gameplay
Lackluster in-Game Customization