Sonic Frontiers Birthday Bash Update Finally Introduces New Game Plus Mode

Play the game again retaining some advantages from previous playthroughs with New GAme Plus!

SEGA has recently released Sonic Frontiers Birthday Bash Update which includes the most anticipated mode many players have been waiting for.

Sonic Frontiers was first launched in November 2022 and it introduced a new, open-zone gameplay, allowing Sonic to explore the entire Starfall Islands with freedom and exploration. Players can boost and rail grind across five massive islands as they battle hordes of powerful enemies with new combat additions like the Cyloop, Phantom Rush, and Wild Rush.

Sonic Frontiers Birthday Bash Update Adds New Game Plus

The game’s Birthday Bash update was recently announced during the Sonic Central presentation. The company said during the event, “Celebrate Sonic’s birthday on the festively decorated Starfall Islands! Spin dash your way to the party with new challenges, moves, collectible Koco, and New Game +!”

The Second of Three Free Updates

This new update now available today is just the second of the three free Sonic Frontiers updates planned to be released this year. The first update introduced the photo mode, jukebox, and new challenge modes to enjoy. The third free update will introduce new story content and playable characters.

A new trailer was also released that showcases the contents of the Birthday Bash update.

Sonic Frontiers is out now on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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