Sonic Frontiers Final Horizon Update Out Now

It's the third and final content update for the game.

SEGA has recently released Sonic Frontiers Final Horizon content update across all platforms.

The newest content update, the third update, for Sonic Frontiers is finally here. It lets players experience new story content, challenges, and more. It also lets them play the new characters like Amy, Knuckles and Tails.

According to the announcement, the additional narrative will take place before the final battle on Ouranos Island. The Sage reconsiders an unlikely scenario amongst her millions of calculations in this scenario. With the assistance of Sage and Dr. Eggman, Sonic sets this new plan into motion, and accepts the challenge of converting the Cyber Corruption into a vast, previously untapped power source.

In another scenario, Amy, Knuckles, and Tails do their own parts and begin searching for the Chaos Emeralds on Sonic’s behalf to change their fate.

The Final Horizon is the third and final free update for the game, which was first launched in November 2022.

Source: Press Release