Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Teaser Trailer Revealed

Gotta go fast on open world!

sonic frontiers gameplay

The first Sonic Frontiers gameplay teaser trailer has now been unveiled.

After a year since the first teaser of Sonic Frontiers, SEGA has now revealed brand-new trailer for the upcoming game via media outlet IGN. It offers a short preview of its gameplay like open-world mechanics, battles, and more.

SEGA described this game during the first teaser as the Sonic’s very first open zone game. Unlike other previous titles, this new one has a very wide world to explore and feels like a JRPG of sorts. Players can expect large areas to explore, go on adventures and fighting big robotic monsters along the way, unlock posts, collect rings, and more.

Unfortunately, no other details have been shared with the short teaser trailer, but it seems more information will be shared later this month. SEGA will be sharing more with IGN in June 2022.

No release date yet, but Sonic Frontiers is going to be available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5.