Sonic Frontiers Sets New Franchise Record for Most Concurrent Players on Steam

Biggest number of concurrent players for the franchise! A new record!

sonic frontiers gameplay

A new report has revealed that Sonic Frontiers has now set a new record for the franchise for the most concurrent players on Steam.

According to the website SteamDB, it was revealed that Sonic Frontiers has almost doubled the previous player record that was set by the popular game Sonic Mania. It has now reached a peak of 19,181 concurrent players. The previous high number set by Sonic Mania was 11,937, which was five years ago.

Based on the numbers, the feedback from the game (on Steam anyways) is quite good and could still go higher. This is way better than previous Sonic games that launched on PC via Steam.

According to media outlet VGC, here are the top concurrent peak numbers from all of the Sonic titles that came to Steam:

  1. Sonic Frontiers – 19,181
  2. Sonic Mania – 11,937
  3. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – 5,861
  4. Sonic Origins – 2,668
  5. Sonic Forces – 2,058
  6. Sonic Generations – 1,686
  7. Team Sonic Racing – 1,056
  8. Sonic Lost World – 252

The game right now on Steam has a Very Positive rating with more than 90 percent of players have rated the game a positive one. Our resident reviewer has rated the game with an 8.5 score saying “Overall, Sonic Frontiers was a great experience that was only held back by the minor, but workable camera control jank.”