Sonic Movie 2 Casts Idris Elba for the Role of Knuckles

The image Elba posted has confirmed he is voicing the red echidna.

In a recent post on social media, actor Idris Elba has confirmed that he will be the one to voice Knuckles the Echidna in the upcoming Sonic Movie 2.

Elba posted an awesome picture of Knuckles’ spiky knuckle on his personal Instagram account. This has made it official that he will be the one to voice the red echidna and will be joining the wacky cast of the movie.

Knock, knock…

No word about Knuckles’ was first heard publicly recently, but there were rumors about him joining the cast. Tails was confirmed to be joining the cast due to the stinger in the first movie, but Knuckles was a surprise.

Aside from his Instagram account, his personal Twitter account posted the same image with the caption “Knock, knock…” and the hashtags #SonicMovie2 and #Knuckles.

In the games, Knuckles was an ally and sometimes an enemy of Sonic, but that depends on the situation. He was tasked to protect the Chaos Emeralds so if these were in danger, he had to fight those individuals, even if they were friends. No details yet on what his role will be in the sequel, so stay tuned.

Sonic Movie 2 will be released in April 7, 2022. And yes, he may perhaps, know the way.

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