Where to Find All 3 GPS Locators in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find All the GPS Trackers in Sons of the Forest

GPS Tracker - Sons of the Forest - feature

At the start of the Sons of the Forest, players will be tasked with locating their teammates. They will need to track their GPS locators, which are scattered throughout the mysterious island and marked as purple-colored waypoints on the mini-map. It won’t be easy to find all three, but this guide will teach players how to do just that, so read on.

All 3 GPS Locators in Sons of the Forests

As stated, there are 3 locators found on the remote island of the game that can be found on the mini-map. Below are all the locations where you can find each tracker:

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GPS Locator #1

This can be found on the western side of the snowy mountains. Players will be able to see the corpse of a man hanging from a cliff. Players should either use a melee weapon or a ranged weapon like a small rock to cut down the rope. Once the weapon is dropped on the ground, players will not only get the locator but also a flashlight.

GPS Tracker - Sons of the Forest - 02

GPS Locator #2

The second locator can be found on the western coastline, where there is an orange raft that can be seen from a distance. Before anything else, be sure to have a weapon that is capable of killing sharks, as players are required to swim towards the raft surrounded by dozens of sharks. If players manage to safely swim straight to the raft, the GPS locator will be found on the dead body as well as a pistol.

GPS Tracker - Sons of the Forest - 03

GPS Locator #3

The last locator will require players to equip a shovel as it can be found on the northwest corner of the map. Players will find a small wooden grave site in which they will need to use a shovel to dig up the coffin to find not only the last GPS locator but also a Shotgun.

What are GPS Locators used for in Sons of The Forest?

The tracker can be used to a number of different purposes. As well as serving as waypoints, players can also utilize them to follow the movements of their friends and allies. Moreover, these are used to create a permanent GPS Tracking Marker. This item is essential for scavenging in previously explored areas.

And that’s our guide to knowing where to find and use the GPS Tracker in Sons of The Forest Feel free to check out our other Sons of the Forest-related guides as well.

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