Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Hints of Possible New Strategy for Xbox Game Pass

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has recently talked to Russian media outlet Tass about the next-gen console PlayStation 5 and other things.

Among the other stuff that Ryan talked about was something that many PlayStation fans have been waiting for. When asked about how SIE would respond to Microsoft’s Game Pass, he replied that there will be some news coming later on, but not on that day he was interviewed. He then changed the subject and talked more on PlayStation Now, which was their subscription service for the PlayStation side.

PS Now is the current strategy SIE has in place to counter Xbox Game Pass, but the latter seems to be gaining the upper hand due to the many advantages it offers. One of those is the chance to play newly released games for free as long as they have the subscription service. PS Now does not have that kind of offer, unfortunately.

With this new statement, however, things might change. Ryan seems to hint that there will be changes to the subscription system. Perhaps there will be another one that will challenge Xbox Game Pass, a change to the PS Now strategy, or something about the new PlayStation Plus Collection. These are just speculations on my part, but these could happen. Or not since Ryan seems to have said some things that could bait the fans to something outrageous only to make it… how shall we say… disappointing for some reason. He actually meant something else entirely.

Take his statement with a grain of salt for now.

PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide.

Interview source: TASS