Sony Interactive Entertainment Collaborates with Rapper Travis Scott

Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior Vice President of PlayStation Worldwide Marketing Eric Lempel has recently announced their collaboration with popular rapper Travis Scott.

Scott has been named as the official PlayStation Strategic Creative Partner for SIE. Due to him being a big fan of PlayStation, they started a conversation with him that led to this new partnership. The game company plans to collaborate with him and his Cactus Jack brand in order to produce some innovative projects that could entertain more fans.

Lempel is pretty impressed with Scott and thinks he is the perfect fit for the job. They plan to make the collaboration as open as possible so that it has space to explore some interesting and creative ideas.

Scott gave a statement in regards to the collaboration:

I’m really looking forward to being able to showcase everything that Cactus Jack has worked on with Sony and the PlayStation team. Most importantly I’m excited to see how the PlayStation fans and family respond, and I look forward to running some games with everybody very soon!

Source: PlayStation Blog

Here’s Travis Scott’s new video: