Sony Interactive Entertainment Patents AI Ability to Play Games for Players

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently patented a new concept that would allow players to make the AI play the games for them.

The recent patent application was first seen by media outlet SegmentNext and it is described to be an “automated artificial intelligence control mode for playing specific tasks during gaming applications.”

If this particular concept becomes reality, players would be able to load a particular AI behavior that could play a game they are currently involved in and let it do repetitive tasks for them. The patent starts with assigning a default AI profile to the player and has its generic set of behaviors.

As the player plays a game multiple times, the AI will then study those and then apply it to their own profile. It will then make the same decisions that the players would usually choose. This would then make the AI play almost similar to the player and let them take over if ever they could not do it personally.

This would seem familiar for those who play MMORPGs on PC, which is somewhat an exploit for them, using ‘bots’.

It could become a useful tool for players to use if they are busy with real life, but on the other hand, it could make them play less since the AI would do it for them.

Thanks VGC!