Sony Interactive Entertainment New Patent Can Turn Bananas Into Controllers For Some Weird Reason

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment just patented a new technology that could turn any inanimate object into a PlayStation controller. For some weird reason.

I mean, why not?

SIE has recently passed this new application at the US Patent and Trademakr Office and was spotted by media outlet It outlines how the PlayStation could turn a regular non-electronic object into a game controller and they used a banana as an example. With this tech, the banana would have buttons, again, for some reason.

The tech is actually cool because how it works looks impossible, but somehow logical. The camera would take pictures of the object the use is using and then it would track the inputs on its surface. It does not need to be luminous because it could cause issues with the tracking. SIE states that developers configure their future games to recognize certain items as gamepads with this tech.

SIE is thinking that this could be a way to play games without buying the expensive and complicated controllers and just grab anything compatible.

Of course, this is not yet real, but the guys from SIE might already be researching and making development progress already. Maybe as a side project or something. And a patent is an attempt to secure such inventions or discoveries so no one else would try to steal the idea.

What a world we live in right now.

Source: USPTO via VG247